Best 4 Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch Available Under Rs. 2500

 Best 4 Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch Available Under Rs. 2500

Noise Colorfit Icon 2

Noise Colorfit Icon 2 1.8'' Display with Bluetooth Calling, AI Voice Assistant Smartwatch(Pink Strap, Regular)

Rs. 5,999
Rs. 1,499
 in stock
as of September 23, 2023 7:20 pm

Display : It has a 1.8 inch LCD display with touch screen facility, and a screen resolution of 240×286 pixel.
And it is also scratch resistant.

Bluetooth : It also has bluetooth calling smartwatch with Voice Assistance. With additional call features like reject call, take calls, or speed dial.

Water proof : It is also water resistant.

Battery : It has a magnetic charger with a 7 days battery life if charged fully.

Other facility : calls , text, email, social media alert, weather, alarm clock, calendar alerts. Calorie count, step count, heart rate monitor, and it’s paired with Noisefit app for better health tips.

Price : Noise Colorfit Icon 2 costs around Rs. 1599.

Fire-Boltt Rise BT

Fire-Boltt Rise�BT Calling, 1.85", Voice Assistance & 123 Sports Single BT Connection Smartwatch(Black Strap, Free Size)

Rs. 11,999
Rs. 1,799
 in stock
as of September 23, 2023 7:20 pm

Fire-Boltt Rise industry’s largest display with bluetooth calling.

Display : This smartwatch comes with a 1.85 inch touch screen with a screen resolution of 240×280
pixels for clear and sharp visuals. In built voice assistance, Large square screen.

Bluetooth : Bluetooth calling Mode, inbuilt dial pad, and inbuilt microphone and speaker to ensure
convenient calling..

Battery : Battery is of lithium ion and stay up to 7 days and it takes only 120 minutes to charge fully.

Other facility : Health control that means, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen, sleep monitoring, breathe exercise, music player, control phone music. Social media notification, This water is water resistance.

Price : It costs around Rs.1699.

Cultsport Beats

Cultsport Beats 1.85" HD Screen, 320*386, 600 nits, BT Calling, Crown Control, TWS Pairing Smartwatch(Black Strap, Free Size)

Rs. 9,999
Rs. 1,999
 in stock
as of September 23, 2023 7:20 pm

A revolutionary device brought by Cultsport Beats to make our life more simple.

Display : This smartwatch comes in a vibrant 1.85 inch HD display with 600 nits, with a display resolution
of 320×386 pixels. It has a TWS pairing option and also an inbuilt storage of 128MB that can store up to 60 songs.

Battery : Its battery run time is up to 7 days, and full charging within 1.5 hours.

Bluetooth : It also has bluetooth calling functions.

Other functions : 24×7 health monitoring that includes continuous heart rate monitoring, real SpO2, blood pressure, sleep, breathe training, period tracker etc. Cultsport Smartwatch comes with IP67, i.e. waterproof, safe in sweat and wet situations. It also has games, calculators, DND and find my watch.

Price : The price of this Cultsport Beats is Rs. 1799.

Boat Wave Flex Connect

boAt Wave Flex Connect with 1.83" HD Display,Bluetooth Calling & Premium Metal Design Smartwatch(Blue Strap, Free Size)

Rs. 7,990
Rs. 1,629
 in stock
as of September 23, 2023 7:20 pm

The boAt wave flex connect is the best companion for your fitness and to make life more comfortable.

Display : It has a large 1.83 inches HD display for better viewing with a display resolution of 240 x 280

Battery life : Battery life stays for up to 7 days with full charging. And it has a chargeable battery.

Bluetooth connectivity to call : It has a bluetooth connectivity for calling option and it helps to connect to your near and dear ones on the go. It works on iOS 9 operating system.

Other facility : It monitors the heart rate, blood oxygen and stress too. This boAt Wave comes with an IP68 rating that resists sweat and splash.

Price : Its cost is Rs. 1799.


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