How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Have a Big Impact in Our Everyday Life, Here are Some key Points…

 How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Have a Big Impact in Our Everyday Life, Here are Some key Points…

Artificial intelligence is going to revolutionize our lives by affecting our work and our everyday life, i.e. computers or robots are being controlled by computers to perform human tasks. We have commonly used AI such as Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, but there have been many improvements over time, today artificial intelligence includes expert systems, natural language processing, machine vision and speech recognition. Let us know how AI can make our life easier.

Health care :

High cost of healthcare and standing in queue for the diagnosis takes most of the time. But if machines with the help of Artificial Intelligence are taught to evaluate the medical data and reach the diagnoses, and even point out certain factors which doctors overlooked, it can be helpful to humankind. In fact AI powered tools can assist us in further assisting in certain matters.

Less of human efforts :

In online shopping too AI is beneficial, because it remembers your suggestions and preferences. Even in matters of traffic jams, AI will help us to find the quickest and easiest routes to reach to the destination. While getting access to our email account the AI with its clever software will divert spam and make our world effortless.

AI can assist authorities during rush hour traffic and help the traffic management system. We can even ask Google assistance or Alexa to look for products online and AI can bring different options following our preferences. We need not type in search terms to find the product.

With AI we can hear and watch the news and media we choose. Self driving cars began a few months back and now it will be a common occurrence on the road. The equipment listens to you and completes the task. Even we need not enter the PIN in our credit cards. All we need to do is show our space.

Fraud and crime :

AI safety cameras can pick out humans from faces and can assist the enforcement agencies to find the culprits. And if we need a more secure life it can only be achieved because of AI’s contribution.

Law and regulation :

In this case a common attorney can acquire lots of evidence, and can extract facts to assist his clients. With the help of AI all the witnesses, evidence can be investigated with precision.

Travel :

From maps Navigation and usage of Uber all are enjoying the benefits of AI. Google, Apple and other navigation carriers also use AI to interpret the facts. Many more Geo-coding and Maps API to bring the concept into reality.

Smartphone Apps :

Different packages on our mobile have played an important role in our everyday lives. Many of the packages are based on AI, built-in assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant are some examples.

More cell companies are using AI to cope with battery management, or occasion guidelines etc. Use of portrait mode is also a use of AI. Even updates on each iOS and Android structure is also a big part of AI applications.

Social media :

AI controls the reaction one receives during surfing i.e. the notification one receives from Twitter, Instagram.

Advertisements :

The product one browses is tracked by Google and sends the diverse purchasing websites associated with those products. AI studies your age, gender, profession etc and sends you your own preference.

Video streaming :

When one watches the playlist in the youtube for a few rounds, AI automatically sends us songs of our likes. Also sends us guidelines to select different content.

Smart homes :

Thermostat gadgets are used by AI to regulate the temperature routinely. Even help us to preserve electricity by switching on the light as per human presence and change the room color according to the time of the day.

Finance offerings :

Banks uses AI in lots of area, detecting fraud and reading the funding tendencies of customers etc.

Negative effects of Artificial Intelligence.

Although, AI can complete any complicated job easily without spending a lot of money, without any
interruption and break but still there are some negative effects of AI on Human life such as :
● The price of these AIs is very costly.
● AI cannot think outside the box
● Unemployment will increase
● Will make humans lazy
● Emotionless
● Hacking can be done easily
● Terrorist can use them more..

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