No More CT Scans, MRI and Xray !!!! Eye Scanning will Detect Diseases

 No More CT Scans, MRI and Xray !!!! Eye Scanning will Detect Diseases

AI or artificial Intelligence is where a machine would equal their intelligence like a human and can take a decision and find a solution. According to Sunder Pichai of Google, AI will bring many changes in every aspect of life, especially in the medical sector. Now the AI can diagnose the disease with the symptoms.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence the work in the field of education, cooking, cleaning all can be done quickly and accurately. And now Artificial intelligence too is going to detect the disease. An old video surfaced on twitter where Sundar Pichai is talking about AI and its contribution to the medical field.

AI is going to be a boon in many sectors. Sunder Pichai has done a deep analysis and claimed that in future many diseases can be detected just by analyzing the retina of the eye and can also predict. According to him, there is no more need to apply for blood samples and incisions etc.

On the twitter a user shared Sunder Pichai’s video and tweeted that now many diseases can be detected with the help of eye scan for which our medicine knowledge were doing test like CT scan , MRI scan and Xray.

When scanned the retina gives information about age, biological sex, smoking habit, diabetes blood pressure and BMI. According to the video, this information the AI gathers through ratina gives you actual condition and predict the diagnose.

According to Sunder, doctors will be able to analyze many medical reports through AI and estimate what the patients’ conditions will be in another 24 and 48 hours. For a better tomorrow and the benefit of humans, let’s all embrace AI.


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