Some of us have Always Wondered how Search Engines Makes Money

 Some of us have Always Wondered how Search Engines Makes Money

Samsung comes with pre installed Google Search engine, and are replacing Google with bing as a default search engine provider, can be a threat to Google’s long-standing domination.

Google’s motto is to protect its core business and to be placed number one, in all electronic devices. Question arises regarding the mode of business of online search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu,Yandex and Yahoo.

Search engines and profit :

Search engines make money through advertisements from its Google Ads Platform, whenever a user enters a search engine with their doubts, a list of web pages and related matters appear
including advertisements. And these advertisements pay search engines for their display of their advertisement content.

Typically these advertisements appear on the top or bottom of the search engine pages, this process of getting money is also called PPC (Pay-Per-Click). Not only sponsored listing, search engines also use our data for targeting advertising. Our search engines indicate the users search history, and can easily gather their search history, preferences, and behaviors.

It’s mostly done through cookies, IP address tracking device and browser fingerprinting etc. later they use these data points to aim at sending the apt advertisement.

For example, If a user frequently searches for food and recipes, the search engine will display advertisements of food ingredient products or restaurants nearby. That’s how they use our data to provide improved search engine algorithms and enhance search by identifying the users interest..

Default yet can be changed :

Although the default search engine can be changed to other search engines, it’s all in the users interest but usually to navigate to different search engine process is a bit inconvenience for the
ordinary people but for smart IT challenged people are aware of the alternative search engines and choose a better search engine, but among other users, awareness of alternatives and performance and security concern, may lead to apprehension among users.

However misleading the concept that default search engines provide security, yet the users opt for the defaulted search engines provided by the device. So the default search engine tries to provide them a platform with a broader audience base for increased traffic, as large traffic ensures that search engines remain attractive to advertisers, because their main aim is revenue. The higher the number of search engine users, the better will be returns.

Pre-installed search engines deprive the users of their choice to select the preferred alternative and stop tracking users details. The European commission in the year 2019, stated that google
took an advantage of the users by pre installing its Chroma browser and Google search app in our android smartphones and notebooks.

Although in the European Economic Area (EEA) google enables the search engine with a “CHOICE OPTION” in all android smartphones and tablets. And fact remains Google pays billions to Samsung and Apple to remain google search engine as the default search engine.

AI interference in the google search engine :

AI influence in the industry will bring enormous changes in the future internet search engine and the tussle in between the best search engine rivals will ensure business tie up with the AI.

Hena Nair

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